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Designer Dogs Mobile Grooming, East Lothian Scotland
I chose Classic Canine Cuts Dog Grooming School to do my training after intensive research on the internet.

As I live in Scotland it was a big decision to go to Wales for six weeks.

After completing the course I am absolutely sure it was the right decision.

Claire, Sheri and Linda helped me change my life for the better. After seventeen years working in a casino it was a massive career change. Grooming was my dream job but I needed an income so I had to be ready to go it alone as soon as my training was finished.

I now work for myself, with a mobile grooming van. I love it. Its all down to the professional training I was given, not only with the actual grooming but also gaining knowledge about the running of a business and of grooming equipment.

I utilized the self catering accommodation that Claire offers for the six week course and found it fulfilled all my needs. Dylan Law

One Man Andy's Dogs, Anglesey
Having been made redundant from my employer of 20 years, I sat and had a think about what I would really like to do. I have always loved the idea of working with dogs in some way and decided to check out where I might train to be a dog groomer. I visited Classic Canine Cuts in Blackwood and immediately took to Claire the owner, chief trainer and head dog groomer. Three months later I found myself on day one of the course, quaking in my boots at the prospect of being let loose with a set of clippers and a pair of scissors on some unsuspecting Yorkie. I need not have worried. The easing into the job was gradual enough to allow for the steady build up of confidence whilst at the same time, I now realise, stretching sufficiently to cover all aspects of the work and access to a widely varied array of breeds and dog characteristics in 6 unforgettable weeks.

Claire and her team are superb and I cannot thank them enough. In a little over a year I have built up a clientele of over 400 dogs coming from over 70 breeds - Pugs to Powder Puffs, Dalmations to Dachunds and Westies to Wolfhounds!

If your thinking of a career change I can thoroughly recommend this and if you're looking for great training facilities and comfortable live in accommodation then you must visit Claire in Blackwood and take a look around.

As a footnote I would have to add that whilst I expected to go away, work hard and learn a new skill I had no idea I would have such a laugh doing it and make friends I am sure I will keep forever. My fellow trainees were a great bunch of people and are all enjoying their new careers. Andy Harrison

Mollycoddles Pet Care, Chelmsford.
" The training school has a friendly atmosphere and I was able to gain hands on experience from day one. The whole team at Classic Canine Cuts are great. I would highly recommend the training school. Thanks to everyone for all your support and for giving me a great experience." Della Moon

Canine Spa, Reading Berkshire.
" I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Wales and the training was excellent, definitely the best money I have ever spent" Gillian Scaife

"So glad I did the course, I feel I can now look forward to a career path. I feel privileged to be doing this kind of work ... I now feel somebody not just a mum" Carrie Hinchley

Doggie Fashion, Berkshire
" The most productive, informative and fun filled six weeks I've ever spent. Thanks to Claire and her team I now have my own business and it's great to know you have the support on the end of the phone whenever I need it" Mel Anley

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